How short are your shorts, Shorty?

This is my second post looking at gender stereotyping in kids’ clothing (you can see my first here).

This time I took a trip to the shops to find out how the length of shorts vary for boys and girls…

Gender stereotypes in kids' clothing: length of shorts dataviz.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter where I attempt to heckle these shops until they respond/radically change their approach to kids’ clothes/block me/or just erm… ignore me.

Small print/method note: 

To collect the data I visited John Lewis, H&M, Marks & Spencer and Next in Newcastle upon Tyne town centre on Tues 9th July 2019. I measured all shorts that I could find for children aged 3 years old (and therefore any styles that did not have this size in stock were not included). All shorts were clearly marketed to either boys or girls. I did not include swimming shorts, dungaree shorts or three-quarter length trousers. I also did not include any styles on the sale racks (because…. well, my sanity). A total of 232 shorts were measured: 92 x girls and 140 x boys. Measurements taken were from the inside seam and rounded to the nearest 5mm. The range identified in the visual excludes 9 outliers, these were identified using the 1.5 X interquartile range method.


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